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Venue = Le Méridien

Photographer = Theogenic Photography (Theorina Li, Tyler Lee, Sanbao Wang)

Hair and makeup = Le’Donna Cooper

Flowers = FiFi Flower (Nevien Tadross)

DJ = Washington Talent Agency (Marc Wilner)

Dress = BHLDN

Shoes = Nine West

Pipe and Drape = Ideal Media

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Intimate wedding ceremony at Carlyle House Historic Park, Alexandria, VA There is a way to celebrate love with just your significant others, and immediate family. An intimate wedding ceremony at the Carlyle House is a nice option, which is also K & R's decision. A reception was scheduled at another date to celebrate with extended family and friends.

As fun as a looks, their friend who acted as their officiant, dressed up as well!


Here are some highlights from the ceremony and photoshoot around Old Town Alexandria.

Photo = by Theorina Li. Theogenic Photography, serving Greater Washington DC area including DC, Virginia and Maryland; travels to New York City, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, West Virginia, North Carolina.

Hair and makeup = Le’Donna Cooper

Dress = BHLDN


Gears: Canon 5Diii, Sony Alpha 7R3

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