Theorina Li.
A dream chaser.
A business savvy.
A self-claimed geek.
A host of a Meetup group Photographers with Compassion (DMV) 

I am constantly looking to work with non profits and charities who are in need of volunteer photography work in the DC/MD/VA area. Email me to discuss co-host a meetup with me.

Why named “THEOGENIC”?

Theo = Many names beginning with the root “Theo-” derive from the Ancient Greek word Theos (Θεός), which means God; Many other names beginning with “Theo-” do not necessarily derive from Greek, but rather the old Germanic “theud”, meaning “people” or “folk”. (Source)

-genic = produced by, formed from

Theo + genic = Produced by God and the People

My favorite lenses owned: 35mm f1.4, 85mm f1.4, and counting… I am always interested in learning your lens experience. It’s a magical world after you get into it! Shoot me an email to connect and discuss what you got!

My most frequently used camera body: Canon 5D Mark III; SONY Alpha 7r3 and 7II; Canon 6D; Fuji X-T20

My style: Nature or colorful, you say artsy.

My Style = 50% Documentary/ Photojournalism/ Lifestyle
+ 30% Fashion/ Classic/ Elegant
+ 20% Fine Art/ Artistic/ Grand

Constantly, I remind myself that the invention of photography is to record people, scenes, items, events, light… And in the name of truthful work, good photography should show and emphasize the essence of the moment. That’s why you won’t see dramatic modification on my photos, but you will find I still use tools to adjust the colors and lead your eyes to see what I see at that moment.

I will “tell” you a story without opening up my mouth. Rest your ears but free your mind and imagination. The emotion comes out at weddings is incredibly strong, as I can’t use words to describe it, I hope I can record it in my frames.

No one needs 2 master’s degrees to become a photographer, but I happen to have two. School taught me something I am still improving daily – how to communicate and put myself in the shoes of others. Growing up in Asia and now in the US, I embrace my culture identity. The dynamic and diverse elements of DC win me over. I love travel and photography (as a hobby as well). So far, I had been to 40 states, Puerto Rico and Guam in the US, plus over 14 countries outside US.

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